11 Tips to Blog Effectively


Blogging is as simple as writing what you’re thinking, then hitting publish. Right?


As many of you know, there are tricks in the game of blogging. Some blogs are just better than others. When looking at successful blogs, sometimes it’s hard to tell what they are doing differently than you.

Many people have asked me what I do when I blog. Obviously, my blog posts, like everyone else’s, come from my head and that can’t be replicated. However, there are some simple guidelines I follow without thinking about them. I have decided I would write down 10 things I personally do that I feel makes my blogging better than average (opinion alert). I kept it short and simple, which is a new thing for me. Sorry… or you’re welcome, depending on how you feel about that!

1. Make a blog name that has personality but tells the reader what you will be writing about.

2. Write in a conversational way that is easy for people to understand and delve themselves into, unless the subject calls for more.

3. Do your research on the subject you are writing about. The readers will believe you until you are proven wrong, then credibility becomes an issue.

4. Keep your blog posts on the subject of what their headlines say. You can always make another post if you find yourself drifting into a different subject.

5. Don’t try to sell a product in your blog posts. Your blog post should inform and entertain readers, then they will pursue your products on their own if they deem you worthy.

6. Proofread your post three times before publishing it.

7. Add your call to action at the end of your post. If you want comments, tweets, donations or shares, let the reader know. Some of them will perform the action you want if they liked your post, but don’t seem too needy.

8. Use SEO-friendly keywords in your post. Don’t drown your post in them, but definitely find out which terms can bring search engine users to your blog.

9. Write about issues your readers are interested in. It’s hard to accept, but sometimes your own interests aren’t what your blog followers care about. This is a judgement call.

10. Respond to comments, as well as interaction through other social media platforms that comes from your blog’s influence. The readers took time to respond to you. Respond back.

11. Use pictures. People like pictures and they help break up the massive amount of text in your post.

These tips should help you pinpoint a thing or two in your blogging that you can do better. I’m not perfect, either, and I can definitely work on some of my own tips too.

If you agree with these or have more tips, feel free to tweet me or comment below. I hope these helped in some way!

-Marty F. Nemec


19 thoughts on “11 Tips to Blog Effectively

  1. Here is another tip: Interacting with other blogs will help your own blog. If you want other people to read and interact with your blog, you should read and interact with other people’s blogs.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I sure will use your suggestion to proofread my posts three times.before publishing.

  3. I like #6, too. Compared to the work I just did creating a statement for a job application (4 redrafts, endless proofing, hours of work) my blogs are very slipshod and slapdash!

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  5. Great advice. Any tips on the best presentation for blogs, like themes, colours and backgrounds? I never know whether to go simple and smart or make it bold and a bit different. Thanks.

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