How Justin Bieber’s Music Can Make Your PR Better

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I have been fascinated by posts when writers compare movies or TV shows to real life. You can really learn things when they are shown from an abstract angle that is relatable.

I have been bouncing around ideas in my head to do one of my own. I wanted it to be relevant to today’s culture, but I wanted it to be challenging for me to make a correlation. I wanted it to be something that people don’t associate with PR or bettering the practice of it.

I went with Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber has good PR advice hidden in his music.

Justin Bieber has good PR advice hidden in his music.

Justin Bieber is one of those guys where you either love him or hate him. I personally hate the way he dresses and talks, but I respect what he has accomplished. I’m personally a fan of Justin Timberlake and there are similarities there. I like some of Bieber’s latest works, but don’t go calling me a Belieber, though!

His music tends to be about the same topics most R&B stars sing about, mostly girls, and certainly nothing about public relations. I have decided to find lyrics in his songs that can be applied to PR and its practice.

“One Time” (My World- 2009)

So we gonna keep, keep climbin’ to the mountain top.”

In PR, or life in general, you have to always be trying to better yourself. The landscape of PR and social media is changing on a daily basis. If you don’t keep up, you’ll get left behind. Writing is also an ability that has to be honed over the course of your life and career. The better you get at writing, the better work you can produce. The better work you can produce, the better job you can do at influencing people.

While it is nice to have a general mindset of improving yourself daily, it is also important to make actual goals and objectives for yourself. To make it up the ladder, you have to go step by step. However, be realistic with your goals. Picking goals that are impossible is a very quick way to deflate yourself and probably do more damage than good.

“Favorite Girl” (My World- 2009)

You’re used to going out your way to impress these Mr. Wrongs.”

In PR and social media marketing, it’s all about your target audience. You have to find your niche and stick to it, providing great content for your fans. If you try to write for everyone, you’re going to produce content that everybody can relate to, but nobody thinks is great. You may entertain every possible reader that comes, but none of them will come back.

Whether you’re blogging or using social media, it is important to write to your particular audience and let the rest find you. If you’re passionate enough and write in ways that anyone can enjoy, you will recruit fans to your viewpoint. Don’t change your viewpoint over and over to try to get new fans. You’ll probably fail and lose your old fans at the same time.

“Up” (My World 2.0- 2010)

It’s a big, big world. It’s easy to get lost in it.”

Social media is everywhere. There are countless social media platforms on the internet and each one is full of users. The thought of those untapped markets probably has you salivating. Unfortunately, you can’t be on all of them. In all honestly, you could choose to only be on Twitter and still spend every second of every day on it and still wish you had more time. It’s not easy to use social media for marketing. People are unresponsive and have a “What’s in it for me?” mentality.

Believe it or not, there is a limit of posting you should do on social media. By posting too much on social media to try to get new fans, you’re swamping the fans you already have. It is counterproductive to punish your loyal fans and maybe send them away as you chase down new ones. It’s also counterproductive to have ten social media profiles and barely post on any of them.

“Never Let You Go” (My World 2.0- 2010)

Bring the doubters on. They don’t matter at all.”

At least once per day, I come across a tweet, blog or article that is bashing the prospect of social media marketing. Many people are firmly locked into the traditional forms of PR, believing that only the media can reach the people who will become customers. That success in the field comes from counting clips out of newspapers and news broadcasts. It’s simply not the way it is.

Of course the media clips are important, but social media is where the customers are. More and more people spend more and more time on social media. Since PR pros send their message to the news media and the news media send their message to the customers, wouldn’t it be great if the PR pros could just cut out the middleman and send their message straight to the customer? They can! It’s free to make a social media account and it’s free to interact with the people there.

People will continue doubting the effectiveness of social media marketing, but as time goes on, I guarantee it will become more important to businesses. I really think it is the future and arguably, the present as well.

“Beauty and a Beat” (Believe- 2012)

We gonna party like it’s 3012 tonight.”

When it comes to PR in a business sense, party like it's the future.

When it comes to PR in a business sense, party like it’s the future.

No, I’m not suggesting drinking on the job or anything like that! You need to be thinking like it is the future. You need to have a plan in place. Very few successful PR professionals just “wing it.” There is a reason that the words “strategic” and “tactic” come up in PR speeches and articles. Every move you do needs to be planned. Every tweet, status, blog post, press release, etc. needs to be done with a greater goal in mind. You should have a path, although many times you will find that path rerouted. That’s just part of the game, but the point is you have a destination in mind.

“As Long As You Love Me” (Believe- 2012)

We both know it’s a cruel world but I will take my chances.”

This is a fitting quote to end this piece with. One of the main things you need to do in any profession is believe in yourself. The truth is no one has a writing style like your’s. No one has a mind like your’s. No one has gone through what you have and no one can tell the personal stories you have bottled up inside you from living your life. You are genuine and unique. Let it show and be proud of it!

Let your personality come out in your writing, especially on Twitter and in blog posts. You can easily be yourself and professional at the same time. People don’t want to read or listen to a robot. They want a person on the other end. Any action online will see its share of criticism and trolls, but the positive feedback always outweighs the negative by a huge margin.

There is only one you.

I hope you learned something from this. I had a blast looking through Justin Bieber’s songs trying to find lines I could link to PR. It was tough and a little strange, I know, but I hope it was entertaining for you. Maybe you can do one of your own with a different artist. If you do, I hope you had as much fun as I did!

What did you think about that? Is that something I should never do again? Let me know in the comments.

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-Marty F. Nemec


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