Dating an Anti-Social Media User

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In honor of my 3-Year Anniversary with my wonderful girlfriend, Jennifer Toth, I have decided to write a blog post about her.

Jennifer and I in 2011. (Yes, I'm tall. 6-foot-6-inches, to be exact.)

Jennifer and I in 2011. (Yes, I’m tall. 6-foot-6-inches, to be exact.)

Jennifer and I in 2012.

Jennifer and I in 2012.

Jennifer and I in 2013 at Whitey's Fish Camp in Orange Park, Fla.!

Jennifer and I in 2013 at Whitey’s Fish Camp in Orange Park, Fla.!

I love her with all of my heart and she is a genuine person. She has been by my side throughout my whole college experience and after I graduated with a degree in journalism, she supported my decision to switch my career to public relations. One thing is for sure, though. She is an anti-social media user.

Before I begin, I want to say that this isn’t bashing her in any way. Some people don’t use social media and don’t want to. If your life’s goals don’t need it, that is fine by me.

Jennifer graduated with a degree in Logistics & Transportation. She currently works at Merrill Lynch/Bank of America while she tries to get a job in Logistics at one of the many Logistics and Transportation companies located here in Jacksonville, Fla. She is doing fine in life and social media hasn’t helped her get to where she is.

She has a Facebook that she uses to talk to personal friends and family. She will engage in instant messaging with her close friends. She will also comment on other people statuses. She probably only posts a status twice per week. Honestly, she is more of a browser than a poster. She likes to post pictures and interact with close friends, but she really doesn’t care beyond that.

And that’s it.

I’ve tried to get her to try Twitter, but she simply doesn’t care about it. She doesn’t care to meet people online and the idea of making friendships with strangers isn’t enticing in any way. She only wants to network with people she has met in real life. I’ve explained how she could follow her favorite brands, companies and news sources and get news immediately. That doesn’t budge her. Her phone literally came with a Twitter app and she hasn’t even opened it.

She doesn’t want to use Google+ because she sees it as a weird Facebook. She doesn’t blog or do anything involving SEO. She has no use for the wonders Google+ can do with search results.

She has followed links to Pinterest and likes the idea of it. She has actually gone on there to find ideas for Halloween parties, but other than a few times of necessity, she hasn’t gone back.

Does she have Instagram? Actually, yes, but she has her account on private so no one can see it. She literally uses it for the filters and nothing else.

I don’t think she even knows what StumbleUpon is.

A profile she does have fully filled out and updated with current information is her LinkedIn profile. Why? Because I forced her to make it and pretty much filled in all of the information because she didn’t care about it. I know companies Google search potential employees and I wanted her to have a nice-looking LinkedIn profile they could find easily. I even wrote her a professional bio and I hope it one day aids in her getting a Logistics job.

If you know anything about me, you can tell that we are polar opposites. I am almost always on social media when I’m not working. Believe me, she has yelled “Get off your phone!” or “Get off the computer!” hundreds of times. It’s not that she doesn’t understand the importance of it to my career. She does. Just every now and then, she needs a break from it.

She knows that while this isn’t my job yet, this is what I hope to make a career out of. She completely supports me and is actually glad I’m making such an effort to be on every social media platform and understand how they work.

She puts up with me taking pictures of things at every event to maybe put on Instagram. She puts up with me always having to tweet or blog throughout the day. She puts up with me looking for blogs to retweet in the hopes that my followers will enjoy the content and they or maybe the author will interact with me. She puts up with my giant rants about how social media is the future and how companies need to being their messages and products to where the customers actually are. She puts up with a lot and I’m so grateful.

My girlfriend wants nothing to do with social media and I’m fine with that. She stands by me anyways.

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13 thoughts on “Dating an Anti-Social Media User

  1. I understand your girlfriend’s point of view. Social media can be a great way of promoting one’s ideas, brands etc, however some people allow it to take over their lives and instead of interacting with friends and family around them they choose instead to Tweet, Facebook or text disregarding the presence of their loved ones. In the UK there has been a recent controversy regarding a check-out girl in Sainsburys supermarket who refused to serve a customer because she was talking on her mobile while, at the same time interacting with the shop assistant. The check-out lady saw the customer’s use of her phone as rude and I must say that I have some sympathy for her viewpoint. I don’t think that she should have refused to serve the customer but I have a great deal of sympathy with her reasons for not doing so. In the end the customer complained to the supermarket and received compensation so I guess that the Sainsbury’s employee won’t be refusing service again in a hurry. Ultimately it is about balance. There is nothing wrong with social media, it all depends on how one uses it.

    • That is exactly how I feel. People treat it like drinking. Instead of learning how to do it moderation, they have to “quit it,” which results in them deleting all of their profiles, then remaking them a few months later. There are a lot of opportunities with social media. That being said, if you don’t feel you have/want to use it, you don’t have to. My girlfriend has no interest in it and that is completely fine with me. I also understand her view and trust me, she wouldn’t let me stay on it and ignore her. Hah. You’re right, though. It’s all about balance, just like with any hobby.

  2. Your lady and I seem to share a lot of opinions as regards social media. I’ve always been the troll in the corner who resists the tidal pull to the “new big thing” in social media. I had a Facebook originally only to stay in touch with a couple of individuals who didn’t have reliable cell-phones (and that should tell you how long ago I made the profile). It sits, mostly empty and used for the occasional instant message, and that’s fine with me.

    Upon discovering that most of my friends were neutral (at best) about my attempt at a writing career, I determined that one has to participate in the social media madness. Thus it has turned me into some strange paradox, an anti-social, somewhat misanthropic personality that still maintains membership in a number of social media pools, trying his best to find the balance between “being active (almost against my will)” and “spamming to overcompensate for feeling not-active-enough.” Dangerous waters. Your blog here seems to have useful info for those of us looking to skate that edge, at least… so there is hope!

    • Haha. I know what you mean. Many industries can still function without using social media (minus their advertising and PR departments), but writing is definitely not one of them. It’s weird because every social media platform has it’s own rules and users. It’s so time consuming and really isn’t worth trying to do them all. I just focus on Twitter and LinkedIn mostly. I have accounts on other platforms, but I just don’t have the time to use them or learn the right way to use them. I’m right with you, though. I’m still feeling out the right amount of posting to do. Once every hour or less seems to work for me. As I research to write these blog posts, I will learn more about them myself. Thanks for reading my post.

  3. We are a family of non social media users… what in fact is stumble upon? well, maybe not quite, as I, one of the family adults, and one of the adult kids has a blog… no face book, no twitter, no instagram… we are happily talking our way through the world face to face… and .. wait for it, writing real letters and cards…

    think about the einstein quote, first we will master technology and then it will master us… then look out at the world you live in to see so many people with their faces in their phones…

    we are quite possibly doomed as a civilization!

    • Because more and more people are on social media, I think it is undoubtedly the future of marketing and promotion. That being said, that doesn’t mean that fact that more and more people are on it is a good thing. Many people definitely aren’t living life to the fullest because of social media, but I think that depends on how you use it. Some people can use it, then move on with their days. Others just have their face glued to their phone screens all day.

  4. Bizarrely enough, I’m probably an anti-social media user too! I am adamant about not joining Facebook, I have a google+ account only for the sake of my job (I’m a high school teacher, and I try to create a lot of activities where my students have to blog, Tweet or otherwise submit their work via email or on a website), I am aware of StumbleUpon, Pinterest, etc etc etc but don’t contribute to them. The only proactive thing I do is blog. And even that started out just as a way to maintain contact with family and friends whilst living abroad.

    I entirely empathise with your lovely girlfriend!

    • No judging here. Everyone is free to live life the way they want to. If I wasn’t trying to have a career that revolved around it, I’d probably only use a couple of social media platforms. They are time-consuming and always changing.

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