LeBron James’ epic block on Tiago Splitter (NBA)

Miami Heat forward LeBron James was having a tough night during most of the first three quarters of Game 2 of the NBA Finals. He was active defensively and was passing moderately well, but he didn’t have a noticeable impact on the game during that time. That changed when Tiago Splitter ran down the middle of the paint and jumped for what would have been a strong one-handed slam dunk. Instead of getting that dunk everyone assumed was coming, something happened.

LeBron happened.

The crowd became energized and the Heat, with James included, ran away with the lead and never looked back. Many people are pointing out that James stood still and gloated while his team was forced to play four on five. I will point out that while that did happen, on that exact possession, James caught up to his team and assisted shooting guard Ray Allen on a three-pointer.

Was that the best block of the year? Did it beat Indiana’s Roy Hibbert’s block on New York’s Carmelo Anthony?

-Marty F. Nemec


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