Ole Miss’s Marshall Henderson flips off crowd after loss (NCAAM)

When your team suffers a close loss in the NCAA tournament, you feel a rush of anger come over you. Especially when the fans of the other team are cheering as you leave the arena with a sunk head. You’re probably so mad, you want to kick a bucket or flip the crowd off.

You don’t actually do it, though.

Marshall Henderson opted for all of the above when 13-seed La Salle sent 12-seed Ole Miss packing in a heartbreaking 76-74 loss Sunday night. Henderson angrily stomped over to a bucket and kicked it across the floor, then proceeded to flip off the crowd. Henderson has become famous for being a poor winner and loser, but this definitely takes the cake in regards to his head-scratching antics. Henderson scored a team-high 21 points and added three rebounds and three assists.

How do you feel about Henderson’s actions here? Is it just part of losing or does it show that this kid just isn’t mentally ready for adversity?

-Marty F. Nemec

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One thought on “Ole Miss’s Marshall Henderson flips off crowd after loss (NCAAM)

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